Help Logging In

You can access using your Mason Net ID and Patriot Password.  During your initial log in to you will activate your account.  If you have an established account, you will have the option of starting with a new profile or transferring history from your previous account.

Users new to
(Follow Steps 1-3)

1. Go to and click the Log In button.


2. Enter your Mason Net ID and password.


3. If you have never used before choose “No, I’ve never had an account”. If you have chosen this option you will get a confirmation that your account is now ready to use..



Users with an Existing Account
(Follow Steps 1-7)

4. If you have had a account before choose “I’ve had an account”.

5. You are now provided with the option to transfer your history from a previous account or start a brand new profile.

6. If you have chosen to “Transfer my history” and enter the information for your previous account, you will receive confirmation that your new account was created and the history from your previous account has been transferred.



7. If you have changed your mind and no longer wish to transfer history from a previous account, choose “No thanks, I want to start a brand new profile.” You will get a confirmation that your account is now ready to use.